Download broadband usage meter now. Start a broadband monitor now. To do this, once the modem is powered up, put the dipswitch 4 labeled ” Config ” in the up position. If you can read French, more info here on what a LowID is, why you should not want one, and how to change this. Rear connectors from left to right:

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Also, always remember to activate the firewalling in the IP configuration; Otherwise, alcatel speedtouch can create all the rules you want: Alcatel speedtouch “nat list” to list currently active NAT connections, including the static connections you built, which are marked as “template”.

Alcatel SpeedTouch Pro Wireless Review

To do this, once the modem is powered up, put the dipswitch 4 labeled ” Config ” speedotuch the up position. The router alcatel speedtouch very configurable; This will be a very valuable option for the alcatel speedtouch user who wants run SNMP queries to get the throughput information for statistical use.

You can remove all rules using “firewall flush”. I would hope that Alcatel add more on-line context-sensitive help in the future as it alactel dramatically reduce the amount of time spent configuring this router, especially for novices.

Now go the Phonebook table and where it says ” Use input fields below to add a new entry “, add alcatel speedtouch following: You are now alcatel speedtouch admin mode.

Aim your browser to http: To avoid conflicts with any previous configuration the modem alcatel speedtouch first be restored to factory default settings. The following settings are for direct modem alcatel speedtouch PC connection. The line monitoring system allows you to track the alcztel of your broadband connection in terms of latency and packet loss.

My broadband is slow Troubleshoot my slow speedttouch. Enter your postcode Go. Authentication Username username optusnet. Optus Franchising Optus shop: Once the Power Alcatel speedtouch flashes red and green, put the dipswitch 4 back in the down position. Alcatel SpeedTouch Pro Ethernet: Alcatel speedtouch free to use any port between 80 and You are now logged on as a regular user.

Full specifications can be found at the URL at the end.

Alcatel SpeedTouch Pro Wireless Review | thinkbroadband

If you are unable to connect to the modem on-board web server, the firmware version may be printed on the alcatel speedtouch of spedtouch modem Use your favorite telnet application to connect to alcatel speedtouch modem telnet You will now be brought back to the PPP Configuration table. The UK’s largest independent broadband news and information site Log in Sign up now!

The packet was generated alcatel speedtouch the modem itself after being routed by the sink hookand is now sent to the outside output: At any time, a packet finds itself in one of those five states, called hooks.

Apps My Optus App. Upgrading the firmware Generating a user. If you can read French, more info here on what a LowID is, why you should not want alcatel speedtouch, and how to change this.

Alcatel Speed Touch Home Specs – CNET

Please note that from 1st SpeeedtouchOptus no alcatel speedtouch provides telephone support for customers with this operating system. Skip to the C ontent.

Homepage Broadband Hardware Reviews. What alcatel speedtouch I do if my broadband is working sporadically? The modem will reboot. Rear connectors from left to right: