Such equipment upgrades the business device with good 3D performance and makes it fit for multimedia applications and computer games. The built-in touchpad is convincing with its comfortable, smooth surface. The bottom of the notebook has a much more plastic feel to it, but is also extremely hard and rigid. The used plastic shines slightly metallic and its glossy surface is nearly somewhat sticky. The V1S is Asus’ answer to the seek for a perfect notebook. This problem could be solved by installing the NVidia ForceWare-driver Vertically, the viewing angles are also very good.

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Vertically, the viewing angles asus v1s also very good. It isn’t gaudy, but the silvery grey frame contrasts wonderfully v1w the chrome-effect strips that highlight the lid’s edges. The mobility of the Asus Asus v1s ranges from the quite restricted battery runtime of one hour up to three hours, depending on the applications required by the user.

I saw the Asus V1Jp and fell in love with its looks and its features.

Review Asus V1S Notebook

A high-quality bag, a good travel mouse, a towel for polishing the screen, DVDs including Nero 7. Asus v1s case asus v1s the Asus V1S is convincing with its good workmanship and a decent business design. Basically, the Asus V1S appeals to two completely different types of clients who, yet, have something in common.

So, it is also an attractive notebook for gamers. The noise level of the V1S in office mode is acceptable, only under load it gets somehow disturbing.

Also the indicator-LEDs are well designed. You can change asus v1s settings at any time. Asus has packed the V1S with features, though.

Also the temperatures we measured at the bottom side are acceptable. I called on Monday and received my customs reference number asuw asus v1s through the various forms and invoices.

The V1S is Asus’ answer to the seek for a perfect notebook. Adblock users asus v1s more ads. Image quality is also beset by grain, a trait that leaves whites looking greyish. But despite great looks and useful business features, the Asus’ Achilles heel is battery life.

ASUS V1S Notebook Drivers Download for Windows 7, , 10 & XP

On the contrary asus v1s many competitor business notebooks, the Asus V1S is especially asus v1s equipped with hardware. The chosen forms remind on the well-known Asus design. Only white areas change to a warm yellow, if you look from one of the sides. The video card consumed more current than necessary in idle and office operation, zsus the provided NVidea driver missed out PowerMizer-support.

Please, switch off ad blockers. The asus v1s touchpad is convincing with its comfortable, smooth surface. According to reports of users of the V1S, especially the noise level of the notebook in idle mode can be distinctly reduced if you update the video card driver and the Bios Software. The v1ss does not have a transport hook and can easily be opened at the frame of the camera, wsus exceeds the case asus v1s little bit. Furthermore, the tested model was equipped with a Core 2 Duo T CPU which guarantees good performance in general usage but also when playing asus v1s.

Asus V1s User Review

But, you’ll need to completely open the case asus v1s order to add them. The base feels well up to fending off the odd knock. No wonder that there is a slight see-saw after adapting the display’s position.

This is an interesting point: The according forum entry can be found here Asus v1s forum. However, the measured maximum volume is not impressing. So, the minimum power dissipation is 22Watt with a power consumption of 1,48A at 14,8V input voltage. So, you should take care that nothing penetrates in between the display and asus v1s base unit when carrying the notebook, even more, because the lid can easily be opened.

The lid is metal, my guess being magnesium alloy.