Retrieved from ” https: Thu Aug 12, 5: Have you tried HP Tape Tools? What really helped, or actually the only thing that made any difference was changing the “Buffer size” and “Buffer count” in Backup Exec. Asia Pacific Vision

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Solved: Backup Exec R3 – Tapes not overwritable? – VOX

Please try again later. Each server runs the Backup Exec software and the services backup exec 2010 tape control backup and restore operations of multiple clients. You may find if you can get a drive streaming rather than stop start shoe shining, your actual throughput will go up with one drive comapred to two.

Thu Aug 12, 2: This could be the issue as far as I remember the encryption key is under tools – Encryption keys. Backup Exec has the following backup exec 2010 tape options: The core components that are contained in a basic Backup Exec architecture include the following:. Thanks Craig for being. CASO ensures that everything throughout the network is protected by a single system that can be managed from one console [2] and also balances the workload across all Backup Exec servers in the environment.

All Courses From novice to tech pro — start learning today. Backups to the data blocks can be done in parallel, and each of the separate disk-based backuup jobs are configured to duplicate and append to tape when completed.

So the workflow to “restore by media” is: Eventually backup exec 2010 tape of the sets will get full. Here backup exec 2010 tape a list of Backup Exec Agents and Options: Thanks Craig for being patient with me!

Backup Exec – Wikipedia

That’s what i thought thanks for helping me out! BE won’t backup exec 2010 tape the tape at all unless you do an Inventory which can be done on the slot itself. Before pressing Restore, click on the server name the media set is associated with. Sorry, our feedback system is currently down.

I gave the Media an appropriate Label. FireFox does not support this feature with a secure connection https. I guess this is so because Scratch media is seen by BE as having no data on it. Solved Go to solution. I am beginning to understand the BE Console much more clearly now.

Backup Exec recovers backup exec 2010 tape, applications, databases, or systems, from an individual file, mailbox item, table object, to an entire server.

Backup Exec servers in large environments can run independently of each other if each server is managed separately. It really is that easy, and they can be used if overwritable.

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If necessary, use a search engine to search for the appropriate article. Thank you for your. Acording your screenshot all.

No, it didn’t make any difference at all. All management and configuration operations are performed with a single user interface.

And changing the block size made no difference? The job can then use them and place them in the targeted media set.

Maybe I was doing something wrong? Can’t really do the D2D right now and we have a ton of data and no place to stage it.

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