Out there on the fields, where battles are fought There lies a million soldiers dying, in a war in which they’ve been caught But back home in the government where the traitors dwell With thoughts of profit, no ideals, they’ll send you somewhere, pretty much like hell – chorus As life bleeds away, as life bleeds away As life bleeds away, but the soldier tried As life bleeds away, as life bleeds away As life bleeds away, so does a nation’s pride – In a war fought for profit, in a war fought for greed Life, it costs nothing, it’s just another mouth to feed In a war fought against a brother, in a war from which we’re suffering still A continent still mourns her children, in a war in which White Pride was killed. So many wars, with all their bloodshed, the flower of Europe died in middy fields So much blood has bled, from the bodies of our lands; blind pride, it forced us not to yield Yeah once again, a brother fought a brother, whilst the aliens stood, and laughed down on the fight Their interests were enough to kill our Europe, and make us all as slaves in endless nights. Do we eat other men? You’ve formed a small resistance, you’ve got a few guns You plan a small ambush, but you end up on the run You’re running through the foothills, but you’ll never make your cave You’re just another rebel in an unmarked grave. As the Clash of Civilizations takes place within postmodern Western societies, the lyrics find more applicability to everyday life. Eighty-seven was his final year Nearly five decades through a veil of tears A man whose courage, it was unsurpassed No surrender until the very last – chorus Forty six years, forty six years Forty six years, he stayed true to his faith – They tried to break him with their corrupt ways Offered freedom until the end of his days They wanted him to denounce the Fuhrer But his devotion was always true – And now he’s dead, Rudolph Hess is free He’s paid the price for his loyalty A man who left a son and a wife We won’t forget his sacrifice. Now our country’s, over-run Politcian, explain, what was happening in your brain Foreign intruders, that’s true, but I bet none of them live near you.

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Skrewdriver:Blood Of The Kings Lyrics

Come raise the voices of the dead battalions, of those who fell, that Europe might be great. Media’s coming at us, we stand up strong Enemy of the White man, trying to kill our song We won’t fall before them, for there’s no turning back The cowards will not beat us, courage we won’t lack. Once upon a time, in a land so true The land of milk and honey, skrwedriver me and you Now you’re just another figure in a long long line And then they wonder why, there’s a rising rate of crime, they say Slrewdriver now another victim is forgotten Is murder just glossed over like a dream When the politicians tell you that they stand for you Remember they are never what they seem.

Looking back to times gone by, when man fought for his land Now with his pride they put him down, and try to tie his hands Our ancestors, they lost their lives, to make our futures’ good Now it’s our turn to stand and spurn the poison running through our blood.

I feel a peace as I walk the leafy lanes Look out over them hills, boy it looks like rain See the distant mountains, with the storm clouds high above This is my land, my country, the place I love.

The lies of the media- left-wing! We see it on the streets today, we see it on the news The so-called British law machine, and it’s us who pay the dues The we lrics it in the papers that skrewdrivwr black man gets it tough But we all know that this is wrong, and we have had enough Ref: I wanna hear the lion stand and roar Go ahead, kick down corruption’s door.

And one day as the nation cries in agony – Excalibur! Or do you try to make it change for you? Can’t you hear the sound of our Mother Europe’s sons?

No one’s gonna chain us, to their narrow little views Had enough of skrrewdriver being used And I don’t know just who they think they are And I don’t know just who they think they are. Wearing your Ben Sherman in the sun Trying to figure out just who to run Levi jeans, Doc Marten boots, and just hear the skinhead roar – Skinhead!

Blood of The Kings Lyrics

You tell me you aren’t in it for the wealth But you’re thf there for the profit, yeah tne nothing else chorus The left-wing and their minions using you I tell you now there must be something you can do At least my self-respect remains with me ‘Cos I don’t pretend that I’m something I can’t be You have got to try and own your own life You keep yours, yeah, and I’m gonna try for mine You look around and then you realise You see so many people in a different light chorus x2 I KNOW WHAT I WANT I’ve been sitting ’round here waiting for somebody’s call I hope it comes off quickly ‘fore the winter starts to fall We gotta get going quickly, and we got to come on strong I know just what I want, kingz I’ll get it before too long chorus I’m taking heed of Europe’s call Before the winter starts to fall I’m taking heed of Europe’s call.

The summer was coming, I was out in the fields Well then I heard a guitar playing, loud and clear I saw an old man, he sat, by a tree He said ‘come and listen to me son now, come listen to me’ He said “Hey boy, what does life mean to you? You risked your life for this country when kkings were young Never questioned orders that they gave ‘Cos the love of the Red White and Blue was in your heart And I never thought I’d ever see the day, when I’d hear you say.

We also find the anti-police rhetoric and must pause to see what is not here: The leaflets for skreedriver gig day, ‘cos the left-wing lies No ads before the big days, we know the reasons why Getting old, getting grey Getting ripped-off, underpaid Getting sold, kinbs That’s how it goes playing in a band.

They riot on the British streets, they’re burning down our land But the fools in government put money in their hands Give them tne, give them jobs, ignore the British Whites We won’t stand and watch our land be taken without a fight Nigger nigger out out!

If I swallow anything evil Put your fingers down my throat If I shiver please give me a blanket Keep me warm, let me wear your coat. Once a window on our land, the people could see through Then a mist came, dimmed our tue, now the view’s not true A web of deceit stands before our eyes Corrupted maze of stinking lies.

Once again, another nation going down Yeah another country, is left to drown In Croatia the people fight against another Red Army But our government is to busy shaking hands, with the murdering ANC. Emphatic support and flair is reserved for that 19 th Century romantic and positivist nationalism which discredited itself so forcefully during the World Wars, first by creating the conditions for the first, and secondly for excesses of the hlood.

This facilitation proceeds not by demands for assimilation, but by mutual recognition of skreedriver of ‘ the other.

Do you believe, the lies they preach On their Tge and papers? You’re gone with the breeze, just like the leaves on the trees Gone are the times, with your family, with your family You left life behind, you knew they had your death warrant signed But there was no way, that you would compromise, no compromise.

The nationalism tendency in Skrewdriver is, not surprisingly, very strong. And like the others doing not a thing.


It’s time our people stood together side by side It’s time we stood and fought lyrjcs the media’s lies The capitalists and the communists, well they co-exist If you love your country, you’ll be on their list. But now such changes time has passed, besets our proud green land And now the power passed on to us lies in the traitors’ hands Instead of pride, they teach our men the ways of cowardice And if a spark of pride escapes, they cast it to the pits. And a hungry young boy with a runny nose plays out in the street as a cold wind blows In the ghettos White ghettos Just black and white So he has to roam the street at night and he learns White Pride and he learns how to fight In the ghettos White ghettos And then one night kimgs desperation, the young man breaks away He buys a gun and drives his car, he orders his life but he dot get far, and his mother cries.

This time it’s kungs a scuffle, well what can I say? Warlord, the power’s in his hands, Warlord, savior of this land! Look around and what did I see A land that’s fit for you and me Smiling faces everywhere Our nation’s people with no cares. Won’t give in and leave us open, to the forces of an alien creed Won’t fall back and cry for mercy, like the weal men always do We will stand at the battle’s centre, with out standards flying proudly We’re the few will fight until the end, yeah we’re relying on you.