Newsletters Keep up-to-date with the latest news and updates from Golfbidder Sign up. With the club usable out of the semi rough it has taken a number of shots off of my score, both by adding distance to my fairway shots but also as a recovery club when I miss the fairway! The low-spin launch characteristics helped drives to power through the wind in spite of the high trajectory, and the ball really carried absurd amounts downwind. Sell Your Golf Clubs. There’s no need to try and hit the ball with this club, just let it drop into place with an easy swing and it flies. This serves to increase the moment of inertia MOI to make the club more forgiving on off-center hits.

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Today’s Golfer

That non-marked Callaway ball is about to callaawy punished! In all, each FT-3 driver has more than 40 grams of what Callaway calls discretionary weight redistributed callaway ft3 draw key areas of the clubhead.

All Items climachill climaheat climaproof climacool climastorm. I expect my game to better drastically and have more fun playing.

This club keeps growing on me. Callaway FT-3 Hybrid Draw. Regardless of the model or weighting inside, the construction callaway ft3 draw the FT-3 driver stands alone from anything else on the market. The tepid gray-black-yellow color scheme of the ERC Fusion is left behind for a shiny black and orange palette on the FT I have used the FT 3 for 12 months now and it is awesome. A great buy to shave points off your game. Callaway ft3 draw gimmiks just quality.

The Tour models have the weight tweaked slightly to help better golfers achieve a flatter ball flight, while callaway ft3 draw standard models have a lower center of gravity. I’m left handed so obviously I got the left handed version, the draw version turned my slice into a nice predictable genital fade.

At model level when browsing all the sets callaway ft3 draw a particular model the RRP displayed is for an 8 iron set – usually 3-PW or 4-SW – with steel shafts.

The Result is 2nd in the tournmment. My second round with the FT-3 in my bag was my low round of the summer, and I improved it by three strokes the following round. Beginners and high handicappers will generally be better off with models shaded blue on the right, better players will tend towards model shaded blue on the left. Notify me of new posts by email. callaway ft3 draw

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT 3 Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – reviews –

Golf Apparel By Brand [-]. Only problem is I’ve brought into play bunkers callaway ft3 draw in the past I would only have dreamed of reaching.

I was in a tournament a couple of days ago and I walked off 4 drives;, and I own one with a draw bias, which really helps to iron out the dreaded slice. Golf Apparel Vt3 Brand [-].

When you fallaway remember a stiffer shaft produces lower trajectory while a softer flex will create a higher shot. I had hit 9. The shaft complments the club. After looking around I believe the Callqway FT-3 callaway ft3 draw be a great improvement to my game, especially with the different configurations to the common flaws in your swing; mine being the slice.

Conclusion For the first time since the ERC II five years ago, Callaway Golf has a driver that stands out callaway ft3 draw everything else in terms ddaw design and performance. It feels as if you are smashing in the face of the driver when you hit it on the sweet spot. Great club – I used it a few times before i bought one and it matches my eye perfectly and gives me more confidence on the tee.

I can push and pull of course but thats my swing, mis hits find the target, no doubt callaway ft3 draw that. A unique feature of the FT-3 that is instantly noticeable is the overall bottom-to-top thickness of the dra.

Fitted with a top quality Aldila Fusion NVS graphite shaft to give every golfer more club callaway ft3 draw speed. It has definately reduced my slice and is flying further so a good buy all round ,now lets get that h-cap down!

Callaway Fusion FT-3 Tour Draw Driver

I am Living in Brunei Darussalam. The deep-face design helps to launch shots on a higher trajectory with less spin.

Instead of my usual fade Artistic licence there, most would describe it as a slice!