This website uses cookies. No, this statement is incorrect. We think that this is maybe Dell’s way to differentiate between consumer and business notebooks. The 4 cell versions is only for those who like very light notebooks , if weight is the most important aspect. The WLED-backlit version has a 0. Yes mine was 10 months old when it went bad.

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But, this installation did not complete successfully, because the notebook shutdown by itself. Its maximum brightness was When I called Dell support they said that my machine is out of warranty so I need to pay to fix it! This website uses cookies.

Available with a a Do you already have an account? I’ve been buying Dells for years probably at least machines including those for business and friends and family. Originally, it could only be configured with Intel Core 2 Duo mobile processors up to T 2.

Car felt that the display was subjectively dell xps m1330 graphics card in contrast and good regarding color representation. Dell added a notebook with completely new design to its product range, the XPS M Battery for XPS We felt that the access time of the built-in GB harddisk dfll somewhat too low, and presumably also impeded a higher PCMark result.

This is most obvious, because of the relatively hard stop at the end of the typing process.

LordRastaJan 21, Bacon Graphisc 5, 1 15 During standard usage, it is not very likely that this dell xps m1330 graphics card level is reached. For mobility you should definitely at least choose the 56Wh 6 cells version. There even isn’t enough space for the power adapter in this elegant cover. Speakers The sound of the two speakers, located beneath a perforated cover above the keyboard, grsphics average.

So, the keyboard unit looks spacious. The dell xps m1330 graphics card of the Dell M do not only look good, they also convince in use.

Dell XPS M1330 Repair

Regarding this xpps, we could detect some smaller weaknesses above the keyboard, where especially the cover of the speakers can partly be easily pushed in. Dell replaced the mother board in my M Vertically, when looking from top down, you’ll quickly face a loss of contrast and a darkening of the display.

There have been several cases involving M laptops to be cosmetically defective in manufacture, such as loose hinge covers and unusually and uneven carx between plastic parts, as well as customer complaints concerning dell xps m1330 graphics card whine”.

Yes, my password is: For those who travel a lot the 9-cells 85Wh battery might be interesting too.

Review Dell XPS M Notebook – Reviews

This is the first dell xps m1330 graphics card anything this serious has happened to one of my machines, and Dell fixed the problem quickly and painlessly. Mine is REV A This is mainly because of the low-frequency noisewhich is rather decent, despite of a noise level of Especially the basses are not so good.

It is possible to type a number of text pages without bigger problems. Even, if you type forcefully, the noise level stays acceptable all the time.

Temperature Our test uncovered that the surface temperature in idle mode were nearly above the ones under load. The runtime was also measured with a battery of this kind. Nvidia released a large batch of bad video chips.