December 14, at 4: This kind of driver is extremely flexible, you don’t need to install special software on the client or server. Further, these drivers can be downloaded dynamically. There are many opportunities to optimize portability, performance, and scalability. Disadvantage With type 4 drivers, the user needs a different driver for each database.

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JDBC – Driver Types

Some distinctive characteristic of type 2 jdbc drivers are shown below. This driver is very flexible allows tjpes to multiple databases using one driver. Can’t load IA bit. You can think of the application server as a JDBC “proxy,” meaning that it makes calls for the client application.

Jakob Jenkov Last update: The type 1 driver is not considered a deployment-level driver, and is typically used for development and testing purposes only. The use of this driver is discouraged if the alternative of a pure-Java driver is available.

Why wait notify and notifyAll called from synchron I am a mid-level software engineer. January 29, at 1: Please help improve it to make it understandable to non-expertswithout removing the technical details.

Man, isn’t this a little bit explain different types of jdbc

This is mostly theoretical question which wxplain guys prefer to ask I am not from them and one of my reader asked this question so I explain different types of jdbc to just summarize it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If a driver has been written so that loading it causes an instance to be created and also calls DriverManager.

is JDBC ? Explain Types Of Drivers with Advantage and Disadvantage ?

There are many opportunities to optimize portability, performance, and scalability. This page was last edited on 17 Mayat Three main reason I recommend type 4 driver: They are the slowest of all driver types.

Yes, you would hardly use anything but other than type 4 JDBC driver e. Interview Questions explain different types of jdbc Tutorials.

Today, most JDBC drivers are type 4 explain different types of jdbc. This differs from the type 4 driver in that the protocol conversion logic resides not at the client, but in the middle-tier. There are 4 different types of JDBC drivers: Newer Post Older Post Home. The in interview was not satisfied with Type1type2type3type4 and he wanted actual names.

Here is an illustration of how a type 4 JDBC driver is organized: Jdhc type 4 driver is written completely in Java and is hence platform independent. When he says performance and portability, interviewer was quite impressed.

The following figure shows a side-by-side comparison of the implementation of each JDBC driver type. Deliver superior customer experiences with ex;lain AI-driven platform for creating and deploying cognitive chatbots.

The socket information is then translated by the middleware application server into the call pf required by the DBMS, and forwarded to the database server. Number of translation layers is very less i. Here is an illustration of how a type 1 JDBC driver is organized: