Every time I hit a slice I just call it a power fade. Then you will want to go with the 48″ option. Posted 05 August – Using PRO V1 golf balls too incase anyone was wondering. Never snap hooked either, just a hard, low draw that I was misaligned to hit: Not sure about the noise but if its the longest driver in the world and we all know that 3-woods hit a golf ball at least a hundred miles then my greenhouse in Cambridgeshire must be in danger!

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I entered a long drive contest with a freind of mine once. Anyone with any thoughts, suggestions on it.

Krank Golf El Diablo 460cc HYPER TI Beta 6* Driver Head Only .335 238241

I should add the driver is long too! Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Posted 01 August – Krank el diablo you bring it along to one of our Krank el diablo days so we can all have a bash. Driver seems long which makes sense for the long drive comp. I got the El Diablo 9 degree, Stiff shaft, 46″. It was like 48″ long. We will see what all the fuss is about with the El Diablo. It was a badly worded joke. You will be banned without warning for any homophobic or racist dialogue, inciting violence, or witch hunting behavior.

But a decent long drive driver is also the bang-o-matic. Krank el diablo for your Phone. Posted 20 August – I have been gaming them for 3 years now and have not even really thought about using anything else. Then you will want to go with the 48″ option.

My normal group I play with on Sunday’s refer to krank el diablo slice as a power fade Reviews online accross the board pretty positive from even non long krank el diablo contenters and various handicaps – but have not seen anything on this site on the various models? Spent some more time at the range with the club, used a few lead weights on it and found a very nice combination. Posted 04 August – There are krank el diablo few threads on them recently.

I hit a 47 inch or something Krank Rage for about a half an hour at a demo day. I would love to try one if I could get my rl on one.

Krank Golf El Diablo cc HYPER TI Beta 6* Driver Head Only | eBay

Looking dizblo to hearing results Overall, yes this club hits long, but no longer than anything else I have used, gonna give it a few more chances, rl try and learn krank el diablo special to it, but so far, has not impressed for as hyped as I had krank el diablo.

Posted 21 Diblo – We offered them a spot in krank el diablo years driver shoot out, comparing every driver out there just about head to head with the launch monitor. I swang a 48″ and 50″, I think i was swinging on my toes with the 50″.

This is from their site and it even helped a former NBA pro: I dont need to meet new people! That club goes long, and very straight. Might look for it there.

Sold mine on eBay already. You currently have javascript disabled.