Make sure you know your network name and WEP Key. User reviews on www. I saw the problems many said they were having with this one. I sold that NIC and tried the Powerline method, connecting my network to the home wiring. I knew nothing about setting up a wireless connection. Hi Gain 6db Antenna basically just to make sure I got one that would work.

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I’m picking up signals I never saw with the other two, and they are coming in with decent percentages.

Linksys Wireless G USB Network Adapter Model WUSB54G Version 1.05 (Cisco) (2003)

This thing wksb54g flawlessly! Even then, it had a frustrating habit of losing the connection. It’s compatible with both USB 1. We linksys usb network adapter wusb54g encryption on our network so once I plugged in the key and found a spot for the adapter the 16′ cable was a smart buy my wife hasn’t had a single problem. It would take a few minutes to load yahoo.

I knew nothing about setting up a wireless connection. It worked just fine. Go for PCI instead.

I read reviews for almost all of the USB adapters. Check more user reviews here! If linksys usb network adapter wusb54g the wired wudb54g wireless connections show IP address in the same range, you’re ready to unplug the wired connection. I saw the problems many said they were having with this one. By incorporating two new, blazing fast technologies — USB 2.

Actually, she had one problem. It shows the connection speed with the access point as 54Mbps, netwokr when I do a speed test with my ISP, I get less than Kbps downstream whereas my other clients constantly give 1. I’m sticking with Linksys from here on out I wusb54y have their NSUL2 Storage Link which is great for adding storage linksys usb network adapter wusb54g your network to be shared by all users.

If you can surf, you’re all done.

We have the She now waits about 15 seconds after Windows loads to check her mail or open a browser and she hasn’t had a single complaint since! I definitely recommend this product, and the ‘b’ linksys usb network adapter wusb54g if you llinksys a TiVo. It also shows well. Wait until the next phase is completed.

This will eliminate any potential problems in the arapter process. This computer may be replaced in a year or two, and unplugging the network card from a USB port seemed a lot more attractive than opening the case. To install, simply linksys usb network adapter wusb54g the Adapter into any available USB port.

I’m happy to report I made the right decision.

Linksys Wireless-G USB Adapter WUSB54G – network adapter Overview – CNET

linksys usb network adapter wusb54g The biggest complaint I had with this is I was dealing with really low signals which slow the internet to a crawl. The worst of the 3 was the Linksys usb adapter. I believe it is the limitation of USB. You will need to supply that information during installation or you will not be able to connect right away.

Works great and easy to set up Paul Gifford Maryland November 18, I bought this to tackle a wireless trouble spot in our house. Installation and set up couldn’t be easier I installed on Linksys usb network adapter wusb54g XPbut the speed is very disappointing.

If you don’t have a PCI slot, I would recommend you make one by getting rid of adapters that you don’t use like a modem. I installed a better antenna, still no luck.