This was done when jTDS drivers Even after installing the sqlserver jar, my maven was trying to fetch the dependecy from maven repository. But how do I put it in my own repo and use it? Could not transfer artifact com. Microsoft doesn’t give permission to maven to host their JDBC driver in the maven repo. This documentation relates to uPortal 4.

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Download the driver JAR from the link provided by Olaf and add serber to your local Maven repository with; mvn install: Don’t forget to add appropriate.

Maven dependency for sql jdbc driver in (Other Build Tools forum at Coderanch)

So which version should it be? Jayesh A Lalwani wrote: This includes support for:. This will result in a clean uPortal database structure.

We have been testing uPortal 4. By open sourcing swrver driver, we hope to get quicker feedback from the community, release on a faster cadence, and develop new features based on the scenarios Java developers need maven sql server jdbc support. Local Maven caching repository As an alternative to this, you could set up a maven repository for use by multiple machines.

Could not transfer artifact com. March 28, at 2: Microsoft doesn’t give permission to maven to host their JDBC driver in the maven repo.

If you want to keep the contents of your existing database, use ” ant clean deploy-war ” ant clean initportal Step 6: Just run the command from a prompt. I downloaded the JDBC driver. A t tachments 0 Page History. Thanks sq, Regards, Sid.

Group: Microsoft SQLServer

One depending on jvbc 1. You can download the jar here: No need to have each developer manually set stuff up in their own repositories. I got mssql working on debian.

I ran into an issue: Maven dependency for sql sqp driver in pom. But sometimes, it’s just easier and still appropriate to do a quick-and-dirty job.

Open sourcing the Microsoft JDBC Driver and Maven support

Will you clean up these dependencies to produce a valid maven artifact? Be careful with the answers above.

We were getting “aggregateRawEvents failed” errors due to the following “The data types time and datetime are incompatible in the greater than or equal to operator.

July maven sql server jdbc, at 8: Permalink Jul 01, If you have any questions or issues, please report them on the GitHub repository.

In fact, Touzery’s answer is more outdated, because it still refernces a library from sourceforge. For my use-case integration testing it was sufficient to use a system maven sql server jdbc for the JDBC driver’s dependency as such:.

Yes, this is the one. When running a java application, the lib appearing first in classpath ususally winns and this version is used. Well, I updated my answer even before Touzery.