Download the file by clicking the Download button above and saving the file to your hard disk. Translation Feedback How can we make this translation better? Please note that launching the installation of a Microsoft Access Database Engine in the usual way, on a machine with an Office installation architecture different from the current one e. I had also tried the suggested on this page, but still no joy. This redistributable provides a bit or a bit version of the Microsoft Access Database Engine, which can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center: Otherwise, the Access Database Engine bit can be installed. Request Case Start Chat.

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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. If you use a reserved word or symbol to name a field in a table, Access warns you that the word is reserved and that you might encounter errors when referring to the field.

This, I think, is a bit easier and doesn’t require the use of the Orca utility: Now you can start a bit MS Office application without the “re-configuring” issue. I was told to the following: I just happened to be dealing with the 12 driver. I think you will still run into microsoft office 2007 access odbc issue I noted in this post when you get to installing bit Access after installing the bit Access.

Rafael 2, 1 11 Access reserved words and symbols Applies To: I hate to answer my own questions, but I did finally find a solution that actually works using socket communication between services may fix the problem, but it creates even more problems. I needed both the bit and the bit adapters to cover my various use microsoft office 2007 access odbc.

In our offixe, since the release of Microsoft Officethings are microsoft office 2007 access odbc bit more complicated, as users can now have a machine with a bit native version of Office installed as well. Though it is technically possible to connect to MDB files through the Add Data dialog box in ArcMap, it is not the recommended workflow.

32bit 64bit – MS Access DB Engine (bit) with Office bit – Stack Overflow

Maybe a Windows 10 thing. Request Case Start Chat. You are commenting using your WordPress. If a dialog box appears, follow the instructions to remove the program.

Installing the Provider for Both bit and bit Processing

Microsoft office 2007 access odbc are only two real solutions – upgrade all the components to be properly matched to system 32bit vs 64bitor reduce your database needs to a legacy accesss that was only released for 32 bit like ours.

The Office System Drivers are only supported under certain scenarios, including: The main reason I started here is that we believe there might aaccess a programming-related solution over a system config issue. Office unlocks the potential of your device, and brings out the best in you. If both versions of Microsoft Access Database Engine can’t coexists, then your only solution is to complain to Microsoft, regarding loading 64 bits versions of this in your 32 microsoft office 2007 access odbc app is impossible directly, what you can do is a service that runs in 64 bits that comunicates with another 32 bits service or your application via pipes or networks sockets, but it may require a significant effort.

ArcGIS Desktop is a bit application. Navigate to the drivers tab. A further issue is that non-legacy software will sometimes install the bit drivers as they shouldand the two versions simply do not coexist in any reasonable microsoft office 2007 access odbc.

We currently have a major issue using Microsoft Access Database Engine The error messages you receive don’t necessarily tell you that a reserved word is the cause of the problem.

If Office x64 bit is installed or Microsoft Office is not installed at allthe bit database engine must be installed before a connection can be made to Microsoft Access databases microsoft office 2007 access odbc ArcGIS Desktop.

Installing 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Access Drivers next to each other

If this processsed is incorrect, please let me know the correct microsoft office 2007 access odbc. I had also tried the suggested on this page, but still no joy. I have 32 bit office on a win 7 64 bit system. Is This Content Helpful?

This, I think, is a bit easier and doesn’t require the use of the Orca utility:. Type the file path and file name for your Access Database Engine install file. You cannot install the Access database engine with a different processing architecture bittedness from your Office install or install both versions of the Access database engine without a workaround. Tables microsoft office 2007 access odbc queries can also be dragged and dropped from the Database Connections into ArcMap or tool dialogs.